Data Management and Biostatistics

Delivering High-Quality Data Management and Biostatistics

FINITAS is responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable in our approach so you can have absolute confidence in your information for the entire duration of drug development. We process each study with your primary goal in mind, preparing your data for submission.


Our Expert Team:

  • Integrates information from outside sources to ensure consistency with CRF data
  • Provides medical coding using approved dictionaries
  • Develops Case Report forms (CRFs) following the CDASH standard
  • Performs double-data entry of CRFs (paper only)
  • Reconciles serious adverse events
  • Produces real-time clinical trial metrics
  • Operates seamlessly on multiple EDC platforms
  • Authorizes all project-specific components of the data management system
  • Reviews clinical data for errors and trends and generates electronic queries



Our expert team of biostatisticians provides trial design consultation, statistical methodology recommendations, programming expertise, and reporting accuracy required to deliver your trial on time. Data analysis is done using industry-standard rule
SAS software services.